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Aggressive Tax Avoidance For Real Estate Investors, 20th edition book

Aggressive Tax Avoidance For Real Estate Investors, 20th edition book

  • $ 3995

“…the best real estate book ever written. Not the best real estate tax book—the best real estate book.” Tom O’Dea. Editor, Real Estate Intelligence Report newsletter

It covers the big picture of legal tax avoidance, depreciation deductions, expenses, dealer property, installment sales, passive loss limitations, exchanging, how to find an aggressive tax advisor, breaking out personal property and land improvements, justifying the highest possible improvement ratio, the $250,000 per spouse homeowner long-term capital gain exclusion, home office, first-year expensing, and more. Includes Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.

214 pages, 8 1/2 x 11 paperback book, $39.95

This book is not available in book stores.

Leigh Robinson, author of the book, Landlording, called the book "seminal…an English-language translation of tax laws affecting real estate investors."

“…superb job…” Tax Angles news-letter “…great book…” Moneytalk newsletter

“I am currently researching exchanges in preparation for writing our Third Quarter Investor Outlook, and in that process, I have read over fifty articles and eight books on the subject. Your work is the best I’ve seen.” John B. Allen, Director of Investment Properties, Grubb & Ellis Commercial Brokerage Company and author of Selling Income Property Successfully

“The only ‘How To Invest’ book I’ve ever read in one evening. Written so well I didn’t want to put it down.” Tom Collins, Real estate broker, Burlingame, CA

“…excellent…highly recommended…If you were to read only one book on real estate investing and tax avoidance, be sure that it is this one.” Bob Karch, Real estate broker, El Paso, TX

I also recommend that you get my book How To Do a Delayed Exchange. Aggressive Tax Avoidance… covers exchanges but does not focus on delayed exchanges. The Delayed Exchange book actually has the document you need to do one. I did not write it. The IRS did in the form of a remarkable regulation. All I did was slightly modify their regulation so the agreement is essentially the regulation. How are they going to challenge that? 

Read it now! Tax time is too late

Should you wait until tax time to buy the book? No! That is explained in the book You need it now so that you do not take some action that unnecessarily raises your taxes. Tax time is too late to learn about the tax ramification about the actions you take in real estate. Buy it now so you can read it now so you can be smart about tax-related real estate decisions starting now.

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