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You want to get into Harvard college as a white person? Become a recruited athlete; otherwise, try State.

Posted by John Reed on

An article in today's Wall Street Journal tells of a top high school senior who got rejected by ten prestigious colleges. Apparently, it is even harder to get into those schools than it was in previous absurdly difficult years.
The article reveals what she and her parents did wrong. She is white. That was unfixable absent a Rachel Dolezal false claim to "identify" as black.
To get admitted to Harvard as a white, she needed to be a recruited athlete. My oldest son got into Ivy League Columbia, Dartmouth, and Yale as a recruited football player. He graduated from Columbia after playing football there for four years. She could also have more likely have gotten in had she been child of a graduate or faculty member or big donor.
Otherwise, she probably needed to have cured cancer or negotiated a lasting peace between the Palestinians and Israelis.
Basically, she spent too much time on academics and non-athletic extracurriculars—literally. My Ivy League son had top test scores but his grades and other extracurriculars bore no resemblance to the girl in today's WSJ article.
I must add that getting admitted to Harvard college (my wife and I are Harvard MBAs) as a white person is probably not worth the massive effort other than the recruited-athlete path. That's Harvard college (undergraduate).
A number of years ago, the Wall Street Journal had an interesting article on the starting salary value of an Ivy League or Stanford degree. Turns out, it you take a BS major like psychology or poly sci or literature, you make far more coming out of Harvard than people who took those same majors in a non-prestigious school. But if you took a non-BS major like STEM subjects, you would not make much more coming out of Harvard than out of San Jose State. Civil engineering is civil engineering. Harvard civil engineers do not know much more about civil engineering than SJ State engineers. But, God forbid, womens studies is such BS that the employers simply figure your graduating from Harvard means you were a super student in high school. They ignore the BS majors.
Getting into Harvard Business or Law School IS worth the effort. Harvard Medical School is equally prestigious, but I am not sure the oddly structured and heavily government and insurance bureaucratic medical profession financially rewards the Harvard doctors as much as the business and legal professions reward those grads.
You can more easily claim to be a Harvard grad at the other grad schools like JFK School (Bill O’Reiily has that MPA masters), education, design, public health, etc. But I doubt it will show up in your paycheck.

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