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Weekend warrior 21-year old corporal has access to all US military secrets and puts the on the Net for fun.

Posted by John Reed on

Here is an idiotic front-page headline from the WSJ: Leak Investigation Focuses on Insiders."
This is about the top secret military leaks about Ukraine.
As opposed to whom? Homeless? Chicago teachers. College rugby.
I just saw on TV, that the suspect is a Massachusetts air national guard intelligence.
I understand the national guard is now more professional than when they killed Kent State University students during the Vietnam War or when they shot themselves in the ass while guarding airports after 9/11.
Actually? I am not sure they are better now. Just hoping.
I would like to know how some weekend warrior in anti-war Massachusetts had a need to know all this stuff. Sounds like only the CIC needed to know all the stuff that leaked.
In my eight years there, I found the US military to be extremely bureaucratic, cynical, routinely dishonest, too lax on safety, and not really knowing much about how to win wars. They know how to operate military equipment and operate a vast room-and-board housing and transport workforce..
I would not have guessed they were inept enough to give this E-4 (corporal---the rank of Hitler in WW I and of the fictional Radar O'Reilly in MASH) in the national guard enormous amounts of top secret I fo that he had NO need to know. The incompetence of the US military exceeds my already low estimate.

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  • Why was he the only one that was charged? Why are his superiors not under investigation for their incompetence in allowing the information to be accessed by the 21-year-old E-4? Repercussions should be in order for their incompetence.

    Tomas Amill on

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