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We have to stop running away from nuclear threats or the bad guys get to take over the world without a shot

Posted by John Reed on

We need to rethink our avoid nuclear war at all costs policy. Russia and China and North Korea constantly threaten us with nuclear war and we alway shy away.

But the present Ukraine situation essentially says that the US and the rest of the civilized world will let Putin murder every single Ukrainian if that is what he wants to do—because he has nukes and frequently threatens to use them.

This is not an acceptable position either morally or practically. Putin must be stopped. It need not be NATO. Indeed non-NATO countries have already gotten involved—Switzerland, Sweden, the EU, Finland. They are not bound by or restricted by NATO treaty clauses. 

The US need to gather the entire world and start by saying Putin must be stopped now by whatever means necessary so how are we going to do it?

If Putin is rational, he is bluffing. If he is not rational, it is likely that most of the rest of Russia is and they are not going to let Putin take them on a suicide mission for the greater glory of Vladimir. 

We may be able to unite NATO, the EU, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, someone in Latin America, someone in Asia. Afghanistan actually did vote to condemn Russia and, indeed, threw then out of their country in 1989. If the enemy in Putin’s nuclear war is not the US or NATO but almost all of the civilized world, maybe the Russian people will conclude Putin must be leaving something out of his speeches on what is going on in Ukraine.

We cannot allow this genocide to continue. We must risk the threats of nuclear war, otherwise, the evil nuclear nations will gobble up all the non-aligned world, may killing all of them in the process. We cannot allow any nations to seize their ant of their neighbors by force. We must stop running away from evil doers with nukes. For one thing, it guarantees more of them.

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