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Wall Street Journal finally admits home prices are still going up.

Posted by John Reed on

The WSJ finally stopped trying to talk home prices down and reported on them accurately. Today’s headline is “Home-Price Growth Stays Strong Despite Mortgage-Rate Rise.”
Isn’t that nice? They even accompany that headline with an honest graph. Those have a zero on the Y axis at the bottom left. If they had not done that, like making the bottom left 15%, the drop in the last twelve months appreciation from 20.6% to 20.4% would have looked bigger. Nicole Friedman wrote this story. I do not know who decided on the honest-for-a-change headline.
And they graph the Case-Shiller home prices instead of the number of homes sold which was going down. And instead of strongly suggesting that rising mortgage rates were sure to drive down prices, they admit that the home prices are NOT reacting that way to the mortgage interest rates.
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