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Unelected President novel thoroughly covers all the issues in North Korea today

Posted by John T. Reed on

My wife called me today to say with all the North Korea stuff going on today, I should put out a news release pointing out that almost all of this stuff is covered in my novel: The Unelected President.

Nikki Haley today gave a 20-year history of North Korea. My novel has a 60 year executive summary of the Kim family dictatorship. The novel is fiction, but the history is real.

The book also covers the EMP issue big time. It has Guam. It has the military action that America has become so squeamish about.
Again, the novel is fiction, but I tried really hard to research it to make it as plausible as possible. The book has a heavy dose of consequences of military action, but again, plausible. The novel, for those who have read it, changes the debate from “no good options” to getting the job done. And it does not rely on China which obviously is not going to happen. 
I finished writing it in the summer of 2016. It is set in the first four months of 2013, but it could not be more timely for the situation happening today. I have said it has uncannily predicted the Trump administration in many ways—in spite of my having no thought that Trump would actually ever be president until months after the book came out. And because of considerable research and thought, it has uncannily predicted the current North Korea problem and offers a plausible solution.

Mike Medlock, a libertarian, non-politician accidentally becomes president of the United States while serving out a dead senator’s term. He is neither a Democra

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