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U. of Chicago no longer requiring SAT or ACT; is that to avoid evidence that they are discriminating against whites and Asians and in favor of blacks and Latinos?

Posted by John T. Reed on

The University of Chicago has announced it will no longer require SAT or ACT scores on applicants. They are apparently the most academically prestigious University to do that.
You know what I bet that is about? They are discriminating blatantly against whites and Asian and want to continue doing that and don’t want to get caught so they are preemptively destroying the evidence.

So where do you go if you are white or Asian? One private university in CA—Cal Tech—or to a UC or Cal State school. How could CA possibly be a place to avoid affirmative action?

Cal Tech chose to. It is 43% Asian as a result. That, by the way, is the same percentage of Asians as Harvard would have if they stopped discriminating against Asians according to the lawsuit filed by a group of Asians against Harvard.

I believe Cal Tech has the highest SAT scores of any college. But Harvard has said that it could fill its undergrad class several times over with just applicants who got perfect scores on the SAT.

And we crammed ending affirmative action down the throats of the UC and Cal State campuses with a referendum (Prop 209) in 1996. The following year, the UC law school in Berkeley only admitted one black guy. When he learned that, he went to Harvard Law instead. 

People here in CA complain that the UCs have become “too” Asian as a result. The UCs are playing some games like taking the top students from all high schools—even the crappy schools in the inner city. But I believe some Asians and whites are deliberately attending such schools to grab those easier-to-get slots.

The expert hired by the Asians in the Harvard lawsuit, a Duke economics professor, said an Asian applicant with a 25% chance of getting admitted to Harvard College as an Asian, would have a 36% chance if he were white, 75% if he were Hispanic, and 95% chance if he were black and had the exact same application as when he had a 25% chance as an Asian.

Do West Point and Harvard have any use for us white males any more? Oh, yeah. They send me letters all the time asking for—wait for it—money. They have a dream. A time when little white graduates will be judged by the size of their net worth, not the content of their character or any other form of merit.

Do private colleges have the right to admit anyone they want? No. Racial discrimination is only illegal in four settings: employment, credit, housing, public accommodations, and voting. But educational institutions are public accommodations.

Colleges and universities claim they are not racist. Rather, “diversity” makes them stronger or that a “diverse” student body results in all students getting a better education.

First, the words “diverse” and “diversity” are dishonest depictions of the racial quota regimes they are imposing. According to, I am pretty diverse all by myself: Irish, Scots-Irish, Hungarian, Native American, Northwestern Russian, Finnish, Spanish/Portuguese. But those are not the categories being discriminated against or in favor of at Harvard, West Point and other schools.

THEIR definition of “diversity— is just blacks, Latinos, Asians, and whites. Why only those four groups? Why no Lithuanians? Middle Easterners? And so on. Arguably, they should make the percentage of each race match the U.S. with regard to every significant group in America, or being globalists; the breakdown of ethnicity around the world, and of course that would mean more Asians. And if they want diversity, what happened to categories like religions and liberals versus conservatives? 

Because blacks and Latinos are Democrat Party target identity groups and “too many” Asians seems to suggest that Asians are smarter than whites, not to mention blacks and Latinos. The push for blacks and Latinos and against Asians and white is not to make the student body stronger or better for education purposes by variety. When it comes to religion and political ideology, the Ivies have zero belief in the notion that variety is a virtue. Ivy League and West Point “diversity” is to make photographs of groups of students and racial-breakdown statistics look better to blacks and Latino and liberal voters. 

The current bias against Asians mirrors a similar bias by the Ivy League against Jews in the 20th century, and also against Irish. When you went by academic merit, “too many” Jews got admitted. The Irish were simply American untouchables to the WASPy Ivies. Even when Irish like the Kennedies got in, they still did not get into the snobby WASP clubs there or hired by the white shoe law firms or WASP investment banking companies.

The “problem” with the Asians now, and previously the Jews, is they make it look like IQ is at least partly a function of DNA and higher in some ethnic groups than others. That is an inconvenient truth; heresy for adherents to the secular liberal “religion.”

Stop applying or giving to schools that want only your money but not your child.

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