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Trump’s military parade

Posted by John T. Reed on

Armed Forces Day in Manhattan

On Trump’s military parade: When I was a West Point cadet, were were in one on Fifth Avenue every Armed Forces Day in Manhattan—all 4,400 of us. Plus there were a whole bunch of other military units behind us. No hardware, I believe. Just troops and their bands.
If they still do that, Trump should go to Manhattan on that day and observe it. No need to schedule another parade.

Display one of each vehicle, don’s parade them

Driving tanks and mobile missile launchers down the street in such parade is dictator stuff. The way we do that is to park a bunch of that stuff somewhere and let families look at it up close in a sort of fairground display area with the operators of the equipment there to talk about it and answer questions. The Intrepid aircraft carrier is a museum in Manhattan with a lot of historic aircraft on the flight deck. Trump could have an active carrier come in and dock with current equipment on it for the public to see.

Roman emperor

Trump himself sitting on a throne watching a military parade just for him in DC is Roman empire or modern dictatorish.

Marching sucks

Also, marching in a parade is a pain in the ass. It takes about a half hour to get dressed and get your rifle. You get soaked with sweat and need to take a shower afterward and send your parade uniform to the cleaners. I guess Trump marched in some parades when he was at New York Military Academy, a high school for rich kids who needed to be straightened out. But I think he forgot what a pain they were.

Parade are great military targets

What I like those dictator military parades for is they are great targets for tactical nukes. You get the chain of command and their elite troops and a bunch of their latest hardware. In 2018, it is possible that one or more of our enemies might think the same about Trump’s parade. See my novel The Unelected President for more on that.

The Unelected President novel

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