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Trump’s flip-flop on Hillary

Posted by John Reed on

Trump should have no role in decisions to prosecute or not prosecute Hillary. It was improper for Obama to protect her. It is no less improper for Trump to protect her. Obama can pardon her and take the heat for it. So Trump is not only pardoning Hillary, he is pardoning Obama for doing that by letting him off the hook.

Trump is also reneging on a number of campaign promises like the one about draining the swamp. His reason—I don’t want to hurt the Clintons—is childlike and irrelevant. The Constitution requires that he ensure that the laws are faithfully executed, not that the Clintons be protected from being hurt. The way for them to avoid being hurt is to refrain from violation the law. Instead they violated dozens of laws.

Draining the swamp was not only Trump’s promise, it is his duty. In a post at his Wall, John Ross says this must be a smart decision because Trump is a smart businessman. I will, and everyone else should, evaluate Trump’s decisions on a case-by-case basis, not assume he is too smart to make a bad decision. Although he came out net $4 billion ahead in his career, he also made plenty of bad decisions.

Ross says Trump needs Dem support for his cabinet nominations. No, he does not. They cannot filibuster them. They are a minority in the Senate. The Republicans will probably have 52 senators and VP Pence gets to break ties.

Ross says Trump is holding Hillary hostage and will prosecute her if Dems resist his cabinet nominations. Ross calls this playing 3D chess.

As stated above, Trump has no authority to prosecute or not prosecute Hillary. That decision is made by the attorney general based on the facts and the law. Trump has not been elected king.

The Senate, on the other hand, does have the Constitutional right and duty right to reject a President’s nominees if they feel they are not right for America.

Also, Trump has already flip-flopped once by saying he won’t prosecute Hillary. If he does it again, he looks less like a 3D chess player and more like a child who can’t make up his mind or a Third World dictator who uses unrelated matters to extort Senators into letting him have his way.

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