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Trump’s first post-election ‘campaign’ speech

Posted by John Reed on

Well, how about that President Elect! He just gave the best speech of his campaign. You say the campaign is over? Apparently not.

He is now being spoken to by the Establishment, informed he needs to dial it back and be more “realistic.”

Reminds me of Democrat Tip O’Neill telling newly arrived President Reagan that he may have been Governor of California, but DC was the big time. As always, Reagan warmly thanked him for the friendly advice, then proceeded to run circles around him. O’Neill represented Cambridge, MA—Harvard. And even his Cambridge constituents were calling O’Neill and telling him to stop resisting Reagan’s plans.

Trump just told the Establishment what he thinks about their advice that he be reasonable. And he asked the crowd and the TV audience to help him get the Congress to help get his programs and nominees through Congress—the constituent calls to O’Neill redux.

I saw the real estate developer shine through. Getting a high rise approved and built takes almost superhuman persistence and victory-or-death doggedness. He has that, and he just vowed to apply that to getting his plans into law and his team into office.

Unfortunately, some of his policies are dead wrong, mainly on trade and trying to intimidate businessmen who want to offshore some of their operation. That is dead wrong. The worst countries in the world require a thing called an exit visa for citizens to leave the country. Trump seems to think he can and should require exit visas for businesses.

For one thing, that discourages Americans from starting businesses here to begin with. For another, it discourages foreign businesspeople from making direct investment here. Think all the foreign car makers in the South. The problem with outsourcing and offshoring is not insufficient by the President, it is too many laws and regulations too many lawsuits, too much government interference. Diagnose the causes accurately then fix the causes. The causes are an unattractive business climate in this country, not the absence of a President who will abuse his authority to imprison businesses here.

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