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Trump deregulating like ‘Medlock’

Posted by John T. Reed on

Trump today stood next to a huge pile of regulations. My Unelected President “Mike Medlock” eliminated all regulations and gave an 88-day comment period as required by law. During that 88 days, the “lectern” used by his spokesperson was the stack of all 170,000 pages of the Code of Federal Regulations. On the final day, most went poof with some being rewritten in a far more libertarian, Plain English manner.
Did Trump get that idea from me? It’s not that original of an idea. Stossel liked to do stunts with stacks of regulations. But I did send a copy of my Unelected President novel to a person close to Trump, so maybe.
The Unelected President novel
Medlock’s mindset—in that he has zero libertarian party members in Congress—is to focus on stuff for which he does not need majorities in Congress. Those areas are pardons, regulations, foreign policy, government shut down (he welcomes it), firing 8,000 top bureaucrats (The Plum Book) and replacing relatively few of them, executive orders that cut back, near total transparency, rules of engagement, military tactics, strategy, use of personnel.
That stuff is quite enough to keep Medlock, or Trump, busy and goes a long way toward making the nation more “be all it can be” than the Obama administration that both Medlock and Trump replaced. I think Trump is sort of being like Medlock, but he needs to be more like Medlock. Trying to work so much through Congress makes him look ineffective often.
Medlock quotes a line he remembers from West Point: “When in command, command.” Where the law gives him authority—the above list of areas—he charges through the gaps like Patton’s Third Army at St. Lo. Trump could and should do more of that.
L’audace, l’audace toujours l’audace.

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