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Trump delegating military decisions to the military: step in the right direction, but only a step

Posted by John T. Reed on

Trump has let the military make more decisions closer to the front or at least out of the White House.

That’s great. I have written that should have been done in 1950 and Vietnam and all our other wars since.…/68975107-the-current-wars-are-lieut…

But a couple of caveats. Who are these military guys who are suddenly going to make decisions? Guys who never made such decisions before in their careers because of White House micromanaging? Guys who never won a war in their entire careers? Guys who have never been in a result-oriented organization in their entire lives?

So surely the decisions made by the people ABOUT the front AT the front will be better than absentee management by the draft dodgers in the White House. But that’s not saying much. How about we also upgrade the quality of the decisions made by the military?

How? Fire guys who do not win—like we did in the Civil War and World War II.

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