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Time for military action in Korea

Posted by John T. Reed on

My Unelected President novel has now, I humbly submit, become mandatory reading for those who want to understand the current level of tension with North Korea. The book was set in real world 2013, but it involves North Kore putting nuke on Scud missiles on submarines, Q ships, and fake yachts. The ICBM myopia—we don’t need to worry until they get 6,000 mile range ICBMs—was always nonsense. My novel reveals that and deals with the threat as it needed to be dealt with—as imminent and needing to be fixed now, not after any “peace in our time” kicking the can down the road. This is one can that has reached the end of the road.

My fictional President “Mike Medlock” dealt with it effectively. Yes, that is fiction, but it is a plausible, detailed account of the meaning of one the the options that now must come to the fore. Today’s news talks about Guam, North Korean ships: that stuff has been in the novel since long-before Trump was inaugurated.
The Unelected President novel

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