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This new blog has been made necessary by excessively woke censorship at Facebook.

Posted by John Reed on

I have been on Facebook for years. Lately, they have been banning and restricting me without good reason. I do not violate their rules. But their low-budget censorship is ultra sensitive to certain topics no matter how logical or fair the comment.
For example, when Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, I and other vets started commenting about it. I am a West Point graduate, paratrooper, ranger, and Vietnam vet. So are many of my readers. Others were vets with slightly different backgrounds.
I surmise that the nameless, faceless censors at Facebook are young and did not serve in the military and really are simply opposed to all wars and grossed out by the nature of war itself, which necessarily involves actions that are egregiously illegal and immoral in contexts other than war. But one cannot discuss war—a very important topic—without reference to its unavoidably brutal nature.
Whatever. I do not like being bullied, especially by some  low-budget algorithm that has a long list of verboten words rather than intelligent life that understands nuance, metaphor, and sarcasm, not to mention the First Amendment free speech and freedom of the press clauses.
Unlike my other blogs, you can comment on this one. Your post will go up after my moderator—me—not some blunt-force algorithm.
Thanks for listening and, where appropriate, for commenting. My basic rule is we are trying to figure out the truth about the various topics I post about and the way to do that is with facts and logic.
I actually was inspired by my various Facebook debates with my readers to write a whole book about the good and bad ways to debate. It came out in 2020.

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  • Hello John. I realize you haven’t commented on the conflict in a while but I was wondering what you thought of this analysis regarding “who is winning” in the ongoing war?

    Pat S on

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