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The Truth About Sweden

Posted by John Reed on

I recently noted the immigrant crime disaster in Sweden and that nation’s lying about it and suppressing the facts. Some readers denounced me for that. I think they were Americans who felt it could not be true and you simply cannot accuse an entire nation of lying and covering up.
America is a nation of immigrants. Sweden, for millennia, was not. Until the recent Middle Eastern immigration, in fact. Sweden was a nation of Swedes. So an accusation against all Swedes is sort of an accusation against all members of a large family. Not quite so outrageous by American standards.
Sweden went from a nation of Swedes to a nation with the highest per capita number of immigrants in Europe in a decade. Furthermore, the transition was done pursuant to an almost religious belief in all things liberal including all the people and cultures of the world are the same and equally law-abiding and equally valid.
Anyway, you don’t need to take my word for it. Read the article “The Truth About Sweden” by Paulina Neuding in the 3/13/17 issue of the Weekly Standard. Neuding is a columnist with the Swedish daily paper Svenska Dagbladet which the Standard described as center-right. The article is full of facts and figures and officially admitted cover-ups that name names.

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