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The REAL asymmetrical warfare

Posted by John Reed on

Terrorists are thinking more like my Unelected President “Mike Medlock” with regard to military tactics.

The Unelected President novelThey use stolen or rented or their own vehicles to smash into crowds of people. They use knives to kill them when they do not have a vehicle. Why go through the hassles of trying to smuggle explosives and automatic weapons? You get about the same publicity from today” London murder stunt as if there was an AK-47 or a block of C-4. And publicity is the goal.

President Medlock asks his military “why go to all the trouble of dropping a bomb on a gasoline storage tank when a match or spark is all you need to turn the tank itself into a bomb? Why bomb a plane on a runway when a thermite grenade the size of a tuna fish can on the wing (where fuel is stored) will total the plane?

If a city is downstream of a dam, why drop a thousand bombs on the city when one on the dam will suffice? Why destroy the Iranian Army when cutting 16 oil/gas pipelines will render the Army irrelevant for lack of money to pay and supply them? A chain is as strong as its weakest link. So cut that link.

The REAL asymmetrical warfare is that which has an extremely high ratio of cost of damage done to cost of weapon used. Why strafe and bomb an enemy train and bridge when a tiny command-detonated derailing charge placed where the train enters the bridge will suffice?
President Medlock’s military is a sort of MacGyver meets super power resources and technological genius. Rapid mission accomplished combined with the most minimal cost in blood and treasure.
Military action does not need to be and should not be World War II movie types of combined-arms-team action. It can and should be like a Vulcan neck pinch or an Achilles heal wound. For the want of a nail... So take away a nail

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