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The ‘peaceful protesters’ are accomplices and protectors of the thugs

Posted by John T. Reed on

I am done with the “peaceful protesters.” They are liars. They are standing next to and in front of the rock throwers. They are accomplices. They stand between the cop and thugs. By doing so, they protect the thugs. They make it hard to identify the thugs.
They welcome the thugs on the grounds that they think the thugs may get them somewhere politically. They claim to oppose criminal behavior but they are hypocrites. They stand idly by as the thuggery happens six feet away. They do not identify the thugs to the police. They rarely ask the thugs to stop. And they never succeed at getting them to stop.
Here are the rules for peaceful protest. Take your parents and your kids to the protest. Hold the protest where the cameras can take video of you but there is no property to destroy or police to throw rocks at or yell curse words at.
You want to be seen and heard. That does not require you to confront police. What do police have to do with your alleged peaceful protest? You may carry a sign. You may engage in joint chants that are not profane.
If criminals arrive to take over your protest and hide behind you, go home. Protest on line.
The use of the phrase “peaceful protest” in the context of what has been on TV is hypocrisy. As long as the so-called “peaceful protesters” keep standing next ant in front of the thugs, the peaceful protestors are nothng but an all-volunteer human shield auxiliary to Antifa and the thugs-for-a-day crowd.

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