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The book of mine that is often bought as a Christmas gift

Posted by John T. Reed on

I have not run any Black Friday or Cyber Monday specials, but I still got a big boost in sale since Thanksgiving anyway. I think all the people hyping those two days have created such a buying urge that it runneth over to everybody selling almost anything.

Thanks, whoever you are.

By the way, I also have a surge in sales of my Succeeding book before Christmas and before graduations in May. I think people who know the book are buying it as a gift to young people.

Good idea. I was inspired to write the book when my oldest son started high school. I felt I needed to organize and set down on paper what I learned from all my mistakes in my life so that he would not also make them.

Actually, sons getting advice from their father is not so linear that all you have to do is say it and sell it to get them to follow it. Bill Cosby wrote a book called Fatherhood. He was asked to summarize it in one sentence. After a pause to think, he said, “You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink.”

But I would note that YOUR child is more likely to follow the advice in my book than MY child. When I was a Little League coach, my assistant and I often asked each other to admonish our sons because each of us fathers knew our own son would be more likely to listen to the other father.

But seriously folks, my Succeeding book has a bunch of amazing testimonials. it is a good gift that could change the young person’s life for the better. 

Succeeding 3rd edition book

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