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The Big Picture TV show about about a fictional West Point cadet named John Reed, same as me. I caught hell for it at West Point.

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Recently I found that my link to the Big Picture episode about a fictional West Point cadet named John Reed—same as my name—no longer worked. However, I just linked to MacArthur’s farewell speech at West Point and found the “John Reed” recruiting film again:
I caught extra hell from having the same name as this guy when I was a New Cadet in 1964. Three years later when another New Cadet named John Reed entered West Point, they apparently deliberately put him in the platoon of which I was platoon sergeant for his first month as a New Cadet in July 1967. He caught NO crap about that name because my class and the class behind us (’69) never saw or did not remember the “John Reed” recruiting film. I told him what he missed.
Like me, that John Reed goes by the nick name Jack. I went straight at graduation, unlike John “Jack” Reed of the class of 1971. He is now a U.S. Senator (D-RI).

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