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Start colon cancer screening when you hit 40. Previous age to start now obsolete.

Posted by John Reed on

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  • Update: I got the full screening colonoscopy this week. The procedure itself was a piece of cake. I was asleep the whole time. My general anesthesia was Propofol.

    The prep the day/night before is actually more painful than the actual procedure. My prep solution was Clenpiq, two 6oz bottles, plus 64oz of water, interspersed. I drank a little more water than that, but woke up in the morning with a headache, so was probably still a bit dehydrated.

    They found four polyps of benign appearance, 8-12mm in size, in my sigmoid colon, rectum, and descending colon, and removed them. They sent some tissue from the removed polyps to the lab for analysis.

    They also found “moderate severity” diverticulosis, and some “small grade/stage II” internal hemorrhoids.

    I think many people, maybe most, are scared away from the procedure unnecessarily. “I’m not gettin’ a tube stuck up my butt!” It’s actually a nothingburger, as Trump would say. You won’t even know it was there. Only the prep is a moderately annoying chore.

    Rick Waze on
  • I did the stool sample (Cologuard) last year. Result came back negative. They (Exact Sciences) were reporting a false negative rate of 7% at that time.

    Planning to do the full screening colonoscopy this year at age 50.

    Rick Waze on

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