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Special [prosecutors] for Comey, Richman, Clapper, etc.

Posted by John T. Reed on

Comey insists he did not leak or violate any law when he put confidential information “into the public square.” Aside from the ridiculous falsity of that statement, there is the unasked question, “So it there was nothing wrong with putting that ‘into the public square,’ why didn’t you do it yourself like the stand-up guy you claim to be? Why did you tell a Columbia Law Professor to pass it to the New York Times on condition that they not identify the professor or the actual source, you?”

Appoint a special [prosecutor] to investigate Comey, the Columbia law professor, Daniel RIchman, and the Times reporter who published it. I suspect the reporter will get off. Good. That will let the special [prosecutor] show how objective and fair he is because he did not indict all three of the sons of bitches.

But it seems to me to be obvious that Comey broke the law and therefore so did Richman. Why isn’t Richman being named as a defendant along with Comey? Is there something in the Constitution that says only the famous person in a conspiracy gets indicted?

I also want special [prosecutor]s for James Clapper, Hillary, and others for each of the other scum bags in the Obama, and now Trump, DOJ, intelligence, FBI agencies.

Why special [prosecutor]s? Because the DOJ absolutely refuses to do its job with regard to investigating and prosecuting its own people and the President is politically cowed out of firing them

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