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Some of my books are bought as gifts this time of year

Posted by John Reed on

Years ago we noticed that there was increased purchase of my SUCCEEDING book before Christmas and during May graduation season. The 3rd edition of that book in now available.
Succeeding book
I also have 10 COACHING books—8 football and 2 baseball. If you know a coach who was unhappy with his team’s recent performance, the many testimonials I have at my web site prove that his reading one of those books can produce a miraculous improvement in his next season team.
INFLATION is the main concern of Americans at present. I have THE gift for that—my How to Protect Your Life Savings From Hyperinflation & Depression. It is not better than the competing books on the subject. It is the ONLY book on the subject. If you give that book to a friend or relative and they follow its advice, and we do get hyperinflation, the gift will literally have saved much of their life savings in a nation where tens of millions—both rich and poor—have become destitute overnight. My most recent book (2021) is about one of those ways to protect your life savings and even profit from inflation: An American PRINCIPAL RESIDENCE is the Most Advantaged Investment on Earth: Maximize Yours!
SOCIAL MEDIA is big today. Many DEBATES here inspired me to write my 2020 book How To Spot Dishonest Arguments and keep your own thinking straight.
Merry Christmas.
Jack Reed

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