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Romney need to resign like Phil Gramm and rerun for that seat now that Utahans know who he really is

Posted by John T. Reed on

Mitt Romney should promptly resign from the Senate AS TEXAS REPRESENTATIVE PHIL GRAMM DID IN 1983.
Economist Phil Gramm was elected a Democrat congressman from Texas. In 1983, he decided to switch parties. He felt that obligated him to resign and rerun for his seat in Congress as a Republican.
He did both and won the election. He was a two-term Representative and a three term senator from TX. He is still a great statesman specializing in economic issues. He seems to have an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal about once a month.
Romney is in the same situation. He did not tell the people of Utah in 2018 that he would be voting for witnesses and for conviction to impeach Trump. The impeachment was not known during that election, but it had long been talked about. And clearly everyone was surprised at his vote to convict. If the people of Utah were surprised by Mitt’s behavior, he defrauded them.
Accordingly, he needs to follow Gramm’s example and resign and ask the governor or the people of Utah to reinstate him now that they know of his incurable hatred of Trump. If he gets reappointed or re-elected, so be it. But his radical behavior in the impeachment case reveals that he committed fraud on the Utah voters in 2018. So he needs to resign now and see if the newly informed governor or citizens still want him to be one of their senators.
This sanctimonious, holier-than-thou, self-righteous jerk needs to admit his 2018 deception and give the voters a do-over given his failure to disclose his obsessive hatred of the president the Utah voters chose in 2016.

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