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Prosecute the Buffalo mass murderer, but be as eager to prevent the far more numerous daily black on black inner-city murders.

Posted by John Reed on

The black mayor of Buffalo angrily said he would not let the world forget the 10 people who were murdered there Sunday.
What a great guy! But he HAS let the world forget about the 67 murders that happened in Buffalo last year.
I did not put it into my Unelected President novel, but I think the presidents should have a ranked list of all causes of premature death in the US available at all news conferences. Every time anyone asks about someone dying, the ranked list of US causes of death should pop up. Mass shootings would be way down at the bottom of the list with lightning and getting stepped on by a cow and drowning in a bath tub.
The president should then ask how much resources do you want to take away from, say, lung cancer prevention of which 130,000 American die a year, to prevent mass shootings of which there were 703 dead in the US in 2021. And I believe that would drop to about 10 the first year after talking about the shooter by the media were banned.
If you want to get excited about American murders, the priority must be the plague of blacks shooting other blacks in the inner cities. If you are MORE excited about 703 mass shootings mostly by whites, you are a racist and your “concern” is just political posturing to increase black turnout and votes, not your “heart and mind going out” to the relatives of the murdered.

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