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Please help me identify would-be identity thief

Posted by John Reed on

Who owns the phone number 805-421-0325? I ask because my bank said there appeared to be an identity theft attempt from there earlier today. Around 7PM, I got a call from that area code. I saw it appear on my TV because we have Comcast phone service. TV said the caller was in Santa Paula, CA 93060. I was not able to answer it fast enough.

About five minutes later, my other line rang. The caller said he had just tried on the first number a few minutes before. Uh huh.

Network Solutions?

He claimed to be from Network Solutions, the host of my domain I asked for his name. He refused to give his last name, although he offered his employee ID number. “No thanks,” I said.

Since I have never gotten a call from Network Solutions on a Sunday evening, I said I needed to call him back. He offered his “direct line number.” “No, Thanks, I’ll just call Network Solutions ask for you.”

Readers of my book How to Manage Residential Property for Maximum Cash Flow and Resale Value, 7th edition recognize my using the procedures in the book: Call the previous landlords and employers by finding their names and phone numbers from public sources. Do NOT call a number given by the applicant. That was one of the mistakes made by the young landlords in the movie Pacific Heights.…/how-to-manage-residential-prope…

At around 7:30, the other line rang again. The caller said he was from Network Solutions—Arron H. Different voice. I figured it was a cohort of the first guy.

Actually, he said he was calling to confirm that I had called them around 7PM. “Me call you? No. I got a call from a guy saying he was you. I told him he sounded like an identity thief. Are you saying someone called you claiming to be me?”

He went on the say that the caller had claimed to be me, said “I” had just fired an employee and that “I” needed to change my web domain passwords because of the fired employee knowing them. I do not have and never had any such employee.

I had tried *69 after the suspicious call I received. A recording said that service was not available for that phone number.

The second alleged Network Solutions guy said the caller claiming to be me was not able to answer any security questions. So they would not give him any information about my account. Apparently, this is not an experienced Identity thief. The second Network Solutions guy was calling to confirm that I was the guy who called them. I was not.

So, I have had death threats on a number of occasions. I immediately put them on the Web. Once, when it came by email and I clicked on “show headers,” my readers told me the exact address of the server used and sent me a photo of the house from Google Street View.

On another occasion, the police traced the number of a phone-call death threat. I called the mom of the child perp. She denied it. She was an employee of AT&T, the provider who gave the number to the police. Nice try, lady.

Another guy gave me a ton of crap by email. He hid behind a handle. I searched the world wide web for that handle going into the later pages of the results. Deep down, I found that he had signed the guest book at a seafood restaurant in FL and given his actual name and email handle. On other web sites, he bragged about using prostitutes, having illegal bullets for his unauthorized gun. On one web site, he bragged about making a lot of money; on another, he complained about only making $750 a month as a truck driver. On a Christian web site he scolded a poster about profanity. On other web sites, he was foul-mouthed.

Anyway, I would appreciate any help in identifying the man or men who is(are) trying to hack into my bank accounts and web site. Sound more like a personal enemy than a pro thief. Also sounds like criminal law violations.

This particular number gets phone service from TW TELECOM OF CALIFORNIA LP - CA
Phone number type CLEC. It is a landline phone.

Anyone know what a phone number type of CLEC is?


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