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Pelosi is devout all right; about spending your money on Planned Parenthood abortions

Posted by John T. Reed on

Nancy Pelosi is a devout Catholic—who will die before she lets you cut one penny from the amount of taxpayer money that is annually sent to America’s Number one abortion mill: Planned Parenthood.
The only thing Pelosi is devout about is her personal political power and retaking the majority in the Senate so that her next partisan impeachment will succeed.. The only thing she prays about is keeping the Speakership and getting rid of President Trump by whatever means necessary.
She opposes not only Trump but also annoyances like Republican judges, the voters who do not vote Democrat, congresspersons trying to read Obamacare bill before they vote for it. If she could get away with it, she would restrict voting to Democrats only, she would pack the Supreme Court so that whenever there was an occasional Republican majority, they would add enough Democrat judges whenever they had a Dem president and Senate to give them back the majority. If she could get away with it should would turn millions of employed people to unemployed to make them dependent on Democrat largess for food, education, health insurance, day care, and so on.

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