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One Latino socialist win in Queens does not a socialist spring make

Posted by John T. Reed on

Yesterday, a reader of my debate tactics web article named Ghilman Brock said, 
‘Your quote "Similarly, liberals are socialists who want to boss the rest of us around" clearly violates rule 5.

5. False premise: debater makes a statement that assumes some other fact has already been proven when it has not; in court, such a statement will be objected to successfully by opposing counsel on the grounds that it “assumes facts not in evidence.”

At the very least, hold yourself accountable to your own list of partisan debate points.


Yesterday, a 28-year-old open socialist with no money or experience defeated a 56-year-old ten-term Congressman Joe Crowley in the Democrat primary. He represents the 14th Congressional District in NYV (Bronx Zoo and Astoria Queens). Crowley, actually a young, “next-generation” democrat compared to Pelosi, was considered a likely successor to Pelosi as Minority Leader or Speaker. The vote was 58% to 42%.
Is this as big a deal as is being made out by the pundits? No.
It reminds me of the defeat of establishment Republican leader Eric Cantor by Tea Party professor David Brat in 2014. Probably both took the elections for granted too much. That is an “all politics is local” issue, not a sea change. Has Brat’s election in 2014 meant anything to anyone other than Brat? Not that I know of. big fuss was made at the time, but quickly forgotten. 
Only 30,000 bothered to go to the polls in the 14th district. Do the Republicans have a chance to win the 14th District?
The Latino woman who won yesterday worked for Sanders in 2016. But a number of other Sanders-endorsed candidates have not fared well in this primary season. Have the Fabian Socialists of the Democrat party been coming out of the closet and turning into “yeah, we’re socialist revolutionaries” lately? Yes. But whether avowed socialists can win GENERAL elections other than in Vermont and the DNC chair contest is an open question.
I have not heard it observed anywhere yet, but aren’t the Dems overdoing the Latino and Muslim things to the point that they may lose black and female votes? Seems like they are now the Latinos and Muslims First Party, maybe even the Latinos and Muslims Only Party, and The Make Honduras and El Salvador Great Again via Remittances Party.
Regarding Ghilman, if Dems creating new regulations and expanding government as fast as they can is not them wanting to boss the rest of us around, what would be? 
Free men decide. Unfree men comply. The Dems use their power when they get it to move as many things out of the “we decide” category and into the “you must comply” category as they can. Sometimes dictators take power in revolutions or coups. Others win elections then use the salami lice or boiling frog syndrome to gradually achieve the results they would have achieved through revolution if they thought they could get away with it.

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