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More examples of intellectually-dishonest debate tactics from Dilbert

Posted by John T. Reed on

Readers frequently tell me that Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams has said something like I say. Today, I saw that in the Dilbert cartoon before a reader told me.

Dilbert is having a disagreement like we often have at this wall. His opponent starts with his “condescending face.” (rolled eyes à la Anderson Cooper). #23…/60887299-intellectually-honest-…

When Dilbert asks for [facts or logic—to put it in my terms], his opponent laughs and expresses astonishment à la Juan Williams—another form of #23

Then his opponent does the “there are so many [fact and logic errors] I don’t know where to begin” intellectually-dishonest debate tactic. #61

“Pick one,” says Dilbert—the response I recommend against that tactic.

Dilbert’s opponent admits—rare in the real world—that all he had was a guess about lack of funding and “this face.”

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