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Moore is being accused of more than he did

Posted by John T. Reed on

The Reason magazine article link above says the allegations about Moore regarding the 14-year-old girl do constitute two serious crimes. The age of consent in AL is and was 16.
But the statements repeated again and again that he “molested” or “preyed on” nine teenagers or “children” are arguably libel vis a vis Moore and brazen violations of journalistic ethics and give lie to the claims of the news organizations to the extent they claim to present only factual and logical accounts and analysis.
I have a low opinion of college men who date high school girls. I accidentally did that once as a college freshman when I assumed the blind date who was the same age as I at the time—18—was a college freshman. When she started talking about her home room, I was mortified.
A guy in his 30s dating teenagers is far worse by that standard. My rule was no high school girls at all ever after I went to college and only up to three years younger after I was a college senior. My strong suspicion is that old-enough-to-drink-alcohol men who date teenagers do so because they lack the confidence to date women their own age or they have tried and had too low of a success rate. There is no question that it is easier to favorably impress a teenage girl than one your own age when you are an adult male.
But, that is all my personal taste and does not reflect anything illegal or immoral by any consensus. The Democrats and media are falsely alleging that Moore, whom I believe was a DA at the time, was violating criminal laws with regard to ALL the teenagers he dated at the time.
With regard to the 14-year old, Moore and everyone else deserves due process. Applying due process to rape accusations has notoriously been stopped in college administrative hearings in recent years. That is an outrage.
It is also an outrage with regard to the recent flurry of accusations and firings. Private employers need not provide due process, although they might lose a lawsuit if they are unreasonable, e.g., the Duke lacrosse team. Voters can do whatever they want with regard to Moore and other accused candidates who refuse to withdraw. AK Senator Ted Stevens apparently lost an election because of a false accusation.
There is a danger in depriving any accused person in America due process with regard to any crime or alleged crime. And there is a danger in voters making decisions based on, or worse, solely on, an accusation and “trial” by media—especially in our current news climate where the majority of mainstream news outlets are obviously biased against Republicans in general and Trump and anyone he supports in particular.
Finally, there is the issue of what the vote is about. Democrats and the media are trying to make the AL senate vote about whether you support child molestation. That is a consideration, but mainly the election is about whether Alabamians want to be represented for the next two years by a liberal Democrat who was not nominated because anyone thought he would appeal to AL voters, but rather as sacrificial lamb of the year to let the AL Democrat Party keep their place on the ballot for some future era when they might has a snowball’s chance in Haiti of actually winning an election there.
The question for the voters should be will Moore or Jones be better for AL and the nation. In fact, Moore would be better, even though he may have violated the law 38 years ago with regard to physical contact with a 14-year old.
For my entire life and before voters have been complaining that they are forced to choose the lesser of two evils. Just so.
And the plain fact is that the policies Jones would vote for in the Senate are far worse for America than the ones Moore would vote for. AL voters are welcome to prosecute Moore for his crime if he is convicted after due process, or denounce him and/or his alleged crime, at the same time as they reject a Democrat who will vote the way New York’s Chuck Shumer tells him to.
Moore is not running for baby sitter or high school teacher or even judge. Just being able to cast one vote on federal laws and treaties and some presidential appointee confirmations.

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