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McGurn column on WA State school reclassifying Asian-Americans as white rather than persons of color

Posted by John T. Reed on

Bill McGurn has a fantastic column in today's WSJ: "The Woke 'Model Minority' Myth." Google the title to read it.

Chinese are now ‘white,’ not ‘people of color.’

First, the liberals in Washington [name change pending?] State teed this up irresistibly. . North Thurston public schools in Lacey, Washington moved Asian-Americans out of the category of "people of color" and into the "white" category.

This would have delighted Chinese-Americans in the yellow journalism era when ‘Yellow Peril” [Chinese immigration into U.S.] was considered an existential national crisis warranting the enactment of the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882.

It would also have been welcomed by Japanese-Americans in 1942 when FDR interned them in concentration camps for the duration of WW II with Executive Order 9066 that resulted in the internment of Japanese Americans. To its eternal shame, the SCOTUS upheld the internment in Fred Toyosaburo Korematsu v. United States, 323 U.S. 214 , 65 S.Ct. 193.

Soooooo, why on earth did the woke of the birthplace of Starbucks decide that Asian-Americans were now “white?”

Actually, they have a new phrase for Asian skin color.

Wait for it.

"White adjacent."

Would you like to know the logic of that? Ask one of the woke children who came up with it. It will no doubt be extremely amusing to watch them contort themselves into intellectual pretzels trying to explain it.

Speaking of intellectuals, as our current president might explain it, "Here's the deal. 'People of color' was always just a BS euphemism and excuse for lack of studying, fathers abandoning their children and their mothers, loss of religious values, and, the unmentionable possibility that there may be some DNA differences between whites/Asian and African or Native-American descended groups."

But what about the "brown" people? My theory on them is they are really of African and Native-American descent. The Iberian peninsula people are the Original Hispanic-Surnamed people. They invented it.

But unlike the British, they did not settle in the Western hemisphere, they conquered it, taught their language, converted everyone to Catholic, imported a zillion African slaves, took all the gold and silver back to Spain, and then lost all interest in South of the Border.

I doubt any Iberian Peninsula residents moving to the United States today would look fondly on the idea that they are members of a downtrodden Latino minority. No way, Jose. Ancestry said I have Iberian DNA to my surprise. Also Cherokee DNA.

Ghetto African-Americans are a disaster apparently due to 3/4 of the men abandoning their kids and the mothers of those kids. Also, the religious influences in black families before the Civil Rights era largely disappeared. And ghetto African-Americans are involved in far more than their share of crime. They regard studying hard and staying out of trouble as "acting white," the biggest sin in the ghetto catechism.

Thus did they need and get the euphemism "people of color."

South of the Border mulattoes and mestizos are more into family and Catholicism, but also not so big on studying hard and staying out of trouble.

Democrats were the party of the working man in the 1930s. But the workingmen went to college, moved to the suburbs, and left the union, so the Dems had to invent a new downtrodden group to replace them. Ghetto African-Anericans fit the bill wonderfully once MLK, jr. and his colorblind “Dream” left the scene in 1968.

So Dems have been trying to convince South of the Border persons that they are the equivalent of African-Americans. Again, no way. Jose, but the mulattoes sort of are, without the child and religion abandonment.

McGurn’s column is full of great quotes.

“Apparently, the Asian-Americans were doing too well academically to be students of color.”

Also, the woke are extremely angry at how the Asian-Americans managed to do well. They acted white. Actually, they out-whited the whites, working REALLY hard on studies and REALLY staying out of trouble—thus the phrase “model minority.”

Many Asian-Americans have “Tiger moms.” Ghetto African-Americans have “Yo mama,” who may be a teenager. Of course, Asian-Americans also have Yo Yo Ma.
Tiger Woods had a bad accident today. His mom is mostly Asian, a Tiger mom without a doubt. But I think his golf success is probably more the result of his late Stage Father, Earl, who was a mulatto and part Native American. Get well wishes to him. Tiger was one of the many successful American blacks who was a military brat. Actually, his father retired from the Army the year before Tiger was born.

“After ‘overwhelming public response’ the WA school admitted ‘racist implications’ and removed the listing of Asian-Americans as newly “white.”

More McGurn:

“...give the [school] folks credit for following progressive logic to its conclusion.”

“Modern progressive theory...divides the nation between oppressors...whites...and the oppressed...everyone else. ...achieving success...makes you white...”

“Asian-American an embarrassment to progressives because it undermines the claim that that structural racism dooms nonwhite citizens to the margins of the American dream.”

I not that claim is a LIE. Asian-American academic success is one of many categories of evidence that disprove structural racism claims. Others include the academic success of military brat blacks, mulattoes raised by their white parent (e.g., Obama), Caribbeans and actual Africans in America.

There have long been special selective public schools in American big cities like Lowell in San Francisco, Boston Latin, Bronx High School of Science, Stuyvesant High School, and Brooklyn Technical High School. Also in Chicago, Philadelphia, Nevada, and LA.

Generally, these are Marxist Democrat cities who have tried to establish minority racial quotas—not popular with judges—and ultimately, simply ending the admissions tests that exclude most students of African or Native American descent.

The courts will not let them ignore the evidence, so they are destroying the evidence. In San Francisco, exclusive Lowell with heavy Asian and white student bodies, is now just another high school where you get assigned by proximity of your residence.

Other such selective public schools are in the process of ending tests as admission criteria. This will cause Asian and white flight from San Francisco. But those fleeing will be replaced by childless Asians and whites.

“ war on merit...”

“[Progressives claim Asian-American success at getting into selective schools] sends [African-Americans] the false message that with strong families and hard work America’s racism can be overcome.”

God forbid the ghetto kids should get that “false” message. They might even stop voting Democrat.

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