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Mark Levin’s interview with Walter E. Williams

Posted by John T. Reed on

I am watching Levin interviewing Walter E. Williams. I love Walter. He is on my list or treasures whom we do not appreciate enough.…/65671619-the-living-treasures-w…

However, I would have been a little bit better guest than him on this subject. Levin sort of said what I say. The Constitution is fatally flawed. It places politicians in charge of the government—calling them “representatives.” But in what way is a politician representative of us? Congress typically has an approval rating of 6% to 11% or thereabouts.

National binding referendums and a grand jury congress

I say we need national binding referendums and a grand jury Congress. That eliminates all politicians at the federal level other than the President.

The incentives of politicians—spend and borrow money endlessly to the point of bankrupting the federal government—are clearly fatal to the federal government. They must be taken out of the equation.

In my Unelected President book, President Medlock supports creating a new federal government in Kansas at a defunct college campus. What they do there is Article V of the Constitution: the work on amending the Constitution by getting 3/4 of the states to ratify amendments.

This is not unconstitutional. Rather, it is a part of the Constitution that has never yet been used. There are 27 amendments, all initiated by Congress. The states can also initiate, but they never have. The Kansas-based federal government is a permanent continuous meeting of representatives of the legislatures of the 50 states.

Levin favors an ad hoc meeting of the states for this purpose. I say it needs to be permanent and continuous. I do not know that he is against that. He may just not have thought of it.

No Pelosi or Shumer or Trump

Williams opposed that on the grounds that the usual suspects like Pelosi would be at that meeting. The hell she would. It is a “meeting of state legislatures.” By definition, that would exclude all federal elected officials. Indeed, the Kansas federal government would be the enemy of the DC federal government. Its purpose would be to reign in the DC politicians and deep state bureaucrats.

Not only would Pelosi not be there, neither would the U.S. Senate, the U.S. President, or even the governors. Only a majority of 38 state’s legislators matter.

No usual suspects involved

Reflect on that for a second. Those people have NO role whatsoever in Article V. NONE at all. Read it. No executives (president or governors), no judges or justices, and no members of the House of Representatives or the Senate. This is a super powerful, latent federal government that has been asleep since the nation was founded in 1789. In my novel, it awakens. It does not yet act in my novel, but the Congress feels it breathing down their necks—maybe replacing them with a grand jury congress or citizen congress. 

Citizen Congress

Such a congress would be like a grand jury. Chosen at random, not publicly known, operate in secret. All that would be known is whether a bill failed to get a majority, got a majority, or got a two-thirds majority (override a veto), NOT whether it was unanimous. That way, the grand juror congress persons would not be inhibited in the slightest about voting for unpopular things like cutting entitlements.

They would vote like absentee voters: sign the outer envelope, but not the ballot within. Ballots would be removed from the envelopes so that the votes would be mixed together thereby becoming anonymous secret ballots. Two Senators would be chosen at random from each state and one House of Representatives person from each Congressional District.

They would have a six month or a year term. They would get paid the same as Congress is now paid ($174,000 a year). They would work 40-hour weeks in their home area in a federal building with a small staff. No dialing for dollars. No campaign contributions. No campaigns. No contact with lobbyists at all. No speeches. Not even a group photo.

Scare Congress straight

This giant should be awakened. It is a big part of my novel. Levin and Williams have sort of concluded it is the only way out of our current mess. They are correct. As happens in my novel, even the mere stirring of this giant would encourage more responsible behavior in Congress and the White House.

Levin ought to have me on his radio show if he does interviews there. I do not have the platform or stature of his normal guests. But I do have a more further along package of thoughts on this subject which appears to be of great interest to Levin.

I sent him a copy of Unelected President when it came out. I do not know if he ever saw it or looked inside it. So I will not hold my breath waiting for an interview. But America is now in a tailspin because of out-of-control entitlement spending. I doubt we will pull out. 

Williams explained that well on Levin. He said any politician who tried to pull out of the tailspin would be committing political suicide, so they will not do it. Absolutely correct. But where Williams came up short—shorter than Levin—was on the solutions: binding national referendums and a grand jury Congress. I have done a lot of thinking and research on those.

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