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Losing the House: Speaker Maxine Waters? Or focus on stuff where you don’t need the House.

Posted by John T. Reed on

My wife is at a Hillsdale College seminar on the Constitution in DC. She asked an expert who said the Democrat party is having a civil war between the status quo people like Pelosi and the Bolsheviks how Pelosi becoming speaker again was a manifestation of any civil war.

Black Caucus

He said part of the Dem civil war that is unseen is the Black Caucus demanding that one of their most senior members get one of the top two majority posts in the House. The two top posts are Speaker and majority leader of the House.
Who are the two most senior members of the Black Caucus? John Lewis and Maxine Waters. In other words, the Black Caucus mat demand that Waters be named Speaker.
The Black Caucus has 35 voting members and two non-voting delegates in the House. It takes a majority of the votes of those present to elect a speaker. If the 35 BC members do not vote for someone other than Lewis or Waters, the Dems would presumably not be able to get a majority.
The Speaker is extremely powerful and third in line for the president.
That is a scary thought. Maybe some Republicans would vote for a non-Waters or Lewis Dem Speaker, but that might devastate the total lock Dems have on the black vote.

‘Your complaining about ONLY having the Senate?’

Trump having a Dem House would not impress my fictional Unelected President “Mike Medlock.” He’d say “You’re complaining about only having the Senate? I’m a libertarian. I’m lucky to get two votes in the House if that.”
That, in turn, forced me to research how one would run the executive branch with NO congressional support. The answer is you focus on foreign policy like ending all foreign aid, rescinding regulations—ALL of them, firing deep staters, pardons, executive orders, you use your veto on almost all bills forcing Congress to override you which means they have to become bipartisan to get to 2/3. When they cannot, you have prevented them from enacting legislation, which is a considerable power.
“Medlock” also organizes a second federal government that is located at a defunct college in Kansas. Its sole function is to propose amendments to the Constitution. The public thinks Congress is involved with those. Not necessarily. There are two procedures. One has no Congressional involvement. It’s never been used, but it’s in the Constitution.
I sent a copy of my book to a person who is close to Trump. I do not know if that person told Trump about the book. But it could help him deal with a Democrat House. If he still has the Senate, he could also emphasize nominating judges and getting treaties ratified—Senate-only stuff.
It is not as bad as it might sound to lose the House. “Could be a lot worse,” “Medlock” would say.

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