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Let’s see how drones do and are used in the Ukraine war.

Posted by John Reed on

A military question that is about to be answered is the role of drones in modern combat between modern militaries. This may also be the end of tanks which I have said for years appears to be an obsolete fraud. We have a zillion of them. Might as well give them to the Russians. Even the marines are giving them all away to the Army, which does not want them. Give them to the Ukraines and train them to use them.
Some readers say tanks are not yet obsolete. We’ll see.
The impending battle may be like General Billy Mitchell’s demonstration to the Navy brass that a plane could sink a battleship. On July 20, 1921, he proved it. The admirals were literally sobbing. But they still did not believe it. WW II proved it again. No more battleships. Too bad we cannot give A-10 Warthogs to the Ukrainians. I suspect that would be the last Battle of Kursk.

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