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Lessons learned buying home-defense magazines today

Posted by John T. Reed on

I now have all the Glock magazines I wanted. Actually, I went over by three.
At the end, I was getting on various online stores’s waiting lists and lost track because many had rationing limits like three per customer.
Lessons learned:
• Buy only Glock OEMs or Magpul, no Promags. I could not get more than 4 rounds into a 10-round Promag.
• I could have and did buy all 40 from, but after the first five, they sent me 35 Promags instead of Glock OEMs or Magpuls. I later got 10 Glock OEMs from that same suppler at a gun show before I learned he was the same I could have and should have bought all 40 from him but I assumed that after I bought five OEM Glocks from him that they would all be that. And I assumed that neither he nor anyone else would sell me Promags or any other brand that simply could not even hold the 10 rounds.
• I also could have bought the mags by getting on various online suppliers’s waiting lists and simply buying the max they would allow each time they let me order. Most were out of stock most of the time.
• I have not fired our Glocks or PC 9’s that also fire Glock ammo yet. But if the Magpul mags work as well, I should have bought all Magpuls because they are cheaper.
• I now use the Glock-supplied magazine loading device for the first bullet, because it will not mess up the follower, which is the top of the empty magazine. When you empty a magazine, the bolt of your rifle stays open. The follower may be telling the gun to do that.
• For subsequent bullets, I use the UpLULA loader. But I found that bruised my palm, so I tried wearing my weight lifting gloves to do it. It seemed to prevent the bruising.

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