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Interesting ways of using crypto in Argentinian hyperinflation

Posted by John Reed on

The article linked below is super. It says crypto is a great help to Argentinians in their hyperinflation, but almost unrecognizable in how they use it versus how American crypto pushers say to use it.
Also, Argentina, seems to have a sort of late Prohibition tolerance of illegal black market use of currencies other than Argentinian pesos.
The usefulness of crypto in Argentina’s hyperinflation means next to nothing in today’s possibly pre-hyperinflation America. To me, the meaning is that if and when we get USD hyperinflation, you should quickly try to get informed as to the ability to use crypto in the US as it is now being used in Argentina.
Again, there seems to be an underlying wink wink in Argentina. American hyperinflation might have none of that. German 1922 hyperinflation and Venezuelan hyperinflation appears to be Old Testament. No toleration of getting around the Five Bad Laws.
I do not fully understand this article. I suggest readers print it out and store it in case of USD hyperinflation.

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