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Instead of nuke power plants backing up wind and solar, just skip the wind and solar

Posted by John Reed on

Some are touting converting coal power plants to small modular nuclear plants to act as backup to the oh so virtuous solar cells and windmills because they do not work at night or when it is cloudy or at night.
That is stupid on its face. Since the nukes work 24/7 and produce no CO2, just build those and screw solar cells and windmills. You would only build solar cells and windmills if the power they produced was cheaper than the variable costs of operating the nuclear plant without any subsidies or mandates for solar/wind. Variable costs are those go up and down based on how much electric the grid demands, like more on hot days.
I am not sure, but I expect the variable costs of nuke plants are near zero. I doubt they have to buy more uranium on hot summer days. I suspect about 98% of the costs of nuclear power are fixed, that is front-end costs for absurd safety levels and really more about simply trying to prohibit all nuclear power by dishonest means than safety.
So no solar or wind at all. They are nutty Disneyesque sympathetic characters in some Democrat morality play.

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