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If you want to be good at 2024 war, go to Ukraine and take notes

Posted by John Reed on

Can you learn how to fight a war at West Point or Fort Benning or Fort Bragg? I doubt it. When I was at West Point 64 to 68 they taught how to reenact WW II in Europe with front lines. Then they sent me
to a war with no front lines in the jungle of Vietnam.
Ditto Benning and Bragg. True, I have not been there in a while—54 years. Somebody's going to say I'm out of date. But I know from experience writing about this stuff that other current soldiers will tell me it is amazing how little the military has changed on 54 years.
There is one change. Calling Fort Benning Fort Moore to pander to blacks. Benning was a Confederate general. So was Bragg. The nature of war is rapidly changing as always. But the bureaucracies known as the US military have virtually no incentives to change. Too busy having stand downs to get rid of white supremacists and changing base names and building obsolete ships and tanks to get union votes.
Drones and cyber and satellites seem to be the rapidly changing tactics and weapons. Draft dodger in chief Biden would ask if that stuff would improve his polls. No. "Well then why are you wasting my time talking about it?"
"Our democracy" to use Democrats' favorite issue is fatally flawed. It gives politicians incentive to use their authority to get more votes. There are few incentives to do the right thing regarding defense or capitalism or avoiding inflation. It is easier to do the wrong things and just blame the resulting inflation, etc. on the other party.

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