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Hyperinflation is inevitable in the U.S. because of our runaway national debt; Medicare and college for All make it more inevitable and more imminent

Posted by John T. Reed on

All the Dem candidates seem to have decided to buy the election with taxpayers’ money, namely Medicare for All and free college for all.

Better buy my book How to Protect Your Life Savings From Hyperinflation & Depreciation, 2nd edition. I don’t need the money. But you DO need the book. They cannot tax or borrow enough to pay for Medicare for All and college for all. All they can do politically is hyperinflate—like Venezuela. And Venezuela does not even have Medicare for All.

I saw an expert on TX yesterday who said Medicare for All would bankrupt the federal government because when the average person dies now, they have received three times as much out of Medicare as they paid into it. Correct. He then overlaid that math on the whole population.

Scary. Except it’s far worse than that. That getting out twice as much as you paid in only applies to when everyone on Medicare is 67 or older. When you extend Medicare to all, that includes everyone down to age minus nine months [although Dems will save money by killing the pre-natal and immediately post-natal people if you want]. 

A large percentage of people pay no taxes at all into Medicare. Few children below 16 pay (interest on trust funds maybe). Many people between 17 and 25 are full-time students. So the expert on TV was way off. When medicare starts at minus nine months instead of age 67, the ratio of how much more recipients receive than they pay in skyrockets far, far above twice as much.
Getting the money from “the rich” is a joke. There are nowhere near enough of them. They are nowhere near rich enough to pay for Medicare for All. And they are nowhere near stupid enough to remain in the U.S. or keep going to work or sell assets they don’t need to sell if staying here and working and selling assets means their money will all be taken to buy votes.

The federal government is toast. if we adopt Medicare for All—more accurately titled VA for all—the federal government will be fiscally carbonized. The national economy will be temporarily destroyed as in current hyperinflation in Venezuela and past hyperinflations in Israel, Germany in the 1920s, Zimbabwe, Argentina, etc.

On the other side of the hyperinflation, we will either have Soviet socialism for 79 years or a 1920s level of federal government. The latter would be great, but the former is the favorite because we allowed Marxists to take over all education in America and they indoctrinated the young to believe that capitalism is evil.

You need to read my book and follow its advice and vote against this insanity. But voting against it has not stopped us from getting into the trouble we are already in. And that is already enough to tip us over into hyperinflation. Medicare for All just triggers that avalanche sooner.…/john-t-reed-s-book-on-hyperinfl…

How to Protect Your Life Savings from Hyperinflation & Depression, 2nd edition book

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