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Give one of my books as a Christmas gift.

Posted by John Reed on

Many of my books are bought at Christmas to be gifts. I have 36 products: .

• 21 about real estate investment and a package deal on buying all of them

• 8 football coaching

• 2 baseball coaching

• Succeeding

• How to Protect Your Life Savings From Hyperinflation & Depression

• How to Spot Dishonest Arguments and keep your own thinking straight

• How to Write, Publish, and Sell Your Own How-To Book

• The Unelected President novel

You can see their covers and details about each including reader comments at

They are all in stock and we ship by first class or priority mail through the U.S. Postal Service. I do not import any parts of any of the books and none are shipped from outside the US.
I generally ship to foreign countries but I stopped shipping to EU countries because they started making me and other small companies pay a Value Added Tax. I could not understand it so I stopped shipping to them. I still ship to European countries that are not in the EU, like UK, Switzerland.

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