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Getting banned from Facebook for promoting violence

Posted by John Reed on

What is going on in Ukraine today is war. I and many others at this wall are veterans. War is not some TV abstraction to us. We are eager to see the Ukrainians prevail there. We were discussing the details of the best way to do that.
No doubt if I quoted verbatim here words from a US Army Field manual on sniping or bayonet fighting, they would get me banned for violating “community standards.” Same if I quoted here verbal instruction we got when qualifying on the M-14 rifle or getting bayonet training at West Point.
I hate to break it to the woke children at Facebook, but the “community,” at times in history in America and around the world has found mastery of the horrible skills of war to be necessary for the survival of the “community.”
The experience of the woke children of Facebook may be limited to the travails of American suburbia. But matters discussed by Facebook readers cover all of human experience.
Conflict is generally to be avoided. Ditto violence. Most people DO avoid it most of the time, But if you visit an American cemetery, you will see epitaphs. Carving on a stone is expensive and charged by the letter or number.
When brevity is so necessary, what do people say about themselves? Often, their name, dates of birth and death, and their war, e.g. Sgt. USMC Iwo Jima 1945. Facebook might ban them from the graveyard for promoting violence.

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