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Food by Fedex is better and CHEAPER than visiting most local restaurants

Posted by John Reed on

My recent post about cream of crab soup and South Jersey cinnamon buns got me to thinking. The East Coast, Gulf Coast, and midwest have lots of local delicacies, most of which can be ordered by FedEx.
Is that ridiculously expensive? Not really. I can get great New England clam chowder at Red Lobster. The closest one is 25.5 miles from me one way, 51 miles roundtrip. AAA says it now costs an average of 60.8¢ a mile to operate a car. That means the cost of commuting to that Red Lobster is 51 x 60.8¢ = $31. Plus, if you go there, you must also pay sales tax and a tip.
That makes a bowl of Red Lobster New England Clam chowder cost $6.49 (menu) plus $1.00 (15% tip) plus 52¢ (sales tax) plus travel cost of $31 for a total of $39.01.
Fedexed from Legal Seafood $52 for 32 ounces. That’s four bowls or $13 a bowl. No travel, tip, and maybe no sales tax.
Fedex from Boston to San Francisco is ONE-THIRD the cost of driving to a regional restaurant! It’s downright frugal for a quality meal.
Thinking nationally, I come up with these other examples:
• Chicago Portillo’s Italian beef and Nuts on Clark caramel corn
• New Orleans beignets
• Boston clam chowder, lobster
• Vegas, Miami Beach, Chicago Joe’s Stone Crab (we’re eating there During FreedomFest) is a national company that specializes is selling and shipping the most highly rated dishes from around the nation. specialize in shipping NYC stuff to displaced New Yorkers
You generally have to buy a family party or barbecue quantity when you get it by Fedex. Our local family is seven. six to eight servings seems to be the normal shipment size. Seems to me this ought to be a monthly family or friends event.

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