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Fake hot water faucets at Ruth’s Chris

Posted by John Reed on

Went to Ruth’ Chris tonight in Walnut Creek, CA. They have three lavs and three pairs of faucets in men’s room. The water coming out of all the the hot water faucets is ice cold—even if you let it run for a while, even when you go back later.
I tried to look underneath to see is the same supply line fed both faucets, but they have a hastily painted piece of plywood that is very much out of character with the elegance of the rest room preventing you from seeing the supply lines. Hard to repair leaks and such with no access to the supply lines which should each have a cut-off valve.
I suspect that the oh-so-fancy-and-expensive Ruth’s Chris has no hot water in the rest rooms to save on the gas to heat it. But they have fraudulent hot water faucets apparently because they figure we are too stupid to figure that out.

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