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Elon Musk devastates BBC accuser with an antidote i prescribed in my How to Spot Dishonest Arguments book

Posted by John Reed on

Elon Musk recently made a fool of a BBC journalist, just by asking for one example of hate speech accusations the journalist was making, and pointing out repeatedly that the BBC BS artist could not do it. Musk then drew the conclusion that the BBC BS guy “did not know what he was talking about.” Actually, I think that was inaccurate. The whole truth was that the BBC guy has never cared about knowing what he was talking about and his hate speech statements were therefore lies as defined in the Times v. Sullivan “actual malice” standard.
My 2020 book How to Spot Dishonest Arguments and keep your own thinking straight has a list of over 100 dishonest debate tactics. In most, I give the antidote. #67 is “You commit [insert dishonest debate tactic] all the time.”
How to Spot Dishonest Arguments book

Antidote: If it is so frequent, it should be easy to come up with an example. The fact that you cannot come up with even a single one proves your accusation is false.
That is precisely what Musk said. Did he get that from me? I have no evidence of that. But my book is full of precisely that sort of successful answers to dishonest debate tactics.

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