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Dems cannot denounce ALL their candidates, they need to boost one of them

Posted by John T. Reed on

Dems need to select a champion, soon, not in July. It is great fun to make fun of all the Dem candidates, but they need to select one and STOP making fun of him or her.
On paper, Bloomberg is the guy. But not on a debate stage. So he needs to either master debating, which is a sort of a fifth-grade trash-talking session. If you are good at that, and you are older than fifth grade, I would think something is wrong with you.
Bloomberg should reject the notion that you HAVE TO do presidential debates to prove your manhood. Bull! Bloomberg should not have to prove anything to anyone at this point. Who? Pocahontas? If Bloomberg could buy her for what she’s worth and sell he for what she thinks she’s worth, he would have a capital gain problem.
When she went off on his nondisclosure agreements, he should have said I have 20,000 employees. If you have that many you will be sued, no matter how careful you are to avoid it. And given the nature of litigation, you win some, you lose some, and some get settled on mutually beneficial, usually confidential terms. Settling some suits is a best practice in business. I do not appreciate your trying to use innuendo to imply I did something wrong when you have no evidence that I did. I will address evidence, not innuendo.

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