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Dems are going to prevent Bernie from winning and his cult members will riot

Posted by John T. Reed on

It may be too late to stop Bernie in a credible manner from winning the nomination on the first ballot. Bernie Bros include ANTIFA. If the Dem establishment steals the nomination from Bernie at the convention, I predict violent riots in Milwaukee. They have a Dem mayor so they will let the rioters riot to their hearts content.
Antifa may assassinate the non-Bernie nominee. Remember it was a Bernie supporter who tried to murder GOP Congressional leader Steve Scalise and others at that Congressional softball game practice
Who can the Dem establishment replace Bernie with? Maybe Mayor Mike, except he sort of no longer exists. He has been replaced by an anti-stop-and-frisk, pro Green New Deal, pro-tax increase on the rich, anti-gun, politically correct pander who would have run NYC into the ground.
So who else? You cannot beat somebody with nobody. Buttagieg may be third in delegates, but there is no bronze medal in presidential campaigns. Furthermore, I do not see that 2020 is the year for a man who seems to hide his gay husband to move into the White House. Even if he did not have a husband, I think he would be too young and inexperienced and too much of an unctuous little weasel—Peter the Perfect. He reminds me of the actor playing Peter Pan and flying around singing “You make me Feel So Young” at his high school 50th high school reunion in one of the GEICO TV commercials.

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