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Champlain Towers engineers warned like like Wall Street Journal on hyperinflation

Posted by John T. Reed on

Here is the first paragraph of the front-page story on the Champlain Towers collapse.
"When warning signals flashed about structural and maintenance problems at Champlain Towers South, the information was muted and confusing signaling that the condo owners didn't need to remedy the situation urgently..."
That is exactly what the WSJ has been doing for more than a year regarding the danger of hyperinflation. I called it whispering "fire" in a crowded theater that is, in fact, on fire.
I have been telling you that you "need to remedy the situation urgently."
There is a pertinent line in the Bible: if the trumpet make an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself for battle. Part of the job of a leader is not only to give commands but to give them sharply like the sound of a starter's pistol.
People who give wishy-washy, on the one hand this on the other hand that "commands" are not leaders. They are politicians trying to please all the people all the time.

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