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Blacks are not the only ones ever lynched

Posted by John T. Reed on

Lynching" to me has always been a staple of cowboy movies. It is about angry white mobs wanting to execute a white person without waiting for a trial. The vast majority of the targets of the lynchings in those cowboy dramas were white cowboys.
Now, we learn, blacks “own the copyright on the word lynching” and only they can use it.

Bull! It refers to angry mobs denying an accused due process, namely a trial. Historical lynchings in America were a fixture of a primitive, sparsely-populated nation with traveling circuit-riding judges whose intermittent availability delayed trials.
Blacks were lynched, but so were whites. It may be that whites were lynched in higher numbers than blacks. But there is no question that blacks do not have a monopoly on having been victims of lynchings.
Shame on the founders for their failure to require due process in impeachment.
The many videos of blacks and Democrats using the word against "impeachment" proceedings in the recent past are further evidence of the dishonesty of the current faux outrage and faux only-racists-use-the-word in an impeachment context.
The no-due-process meaning of the word in Trump's impeachment is quite well established by Pelosi's repeated use of the phrase "It's not required" regarding the absence of due process. That is implicitly what every cowboy and racist lynch mob said. It should be required. The House required it by rules in the Nixon and Clinton impeachment processes.

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