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Black history month is over—finally

Posted by John Reed on

We have had “history” months of one time to another in recent decades. I never paid much attention. None applied to any group I feel a part of. February was “Black History Month.”

I have lived through 52 of them. I did not notice the first 51. 

The problem this year was I like to watch various documentary channels when I am channel surfing. Last month, I often turned to a favorite channel only to find some sort of Critical Race Theory lite. 

Most ethnic groups in the US can tell of some bad treatment in the past here. My Irish ancestors told me about it. Also Italians, Poles, Jews, Asians, Puerto Ricans, Cherokees (I am part that), gays, women, birth defect victims.

Is slavery a whole other level worse? Sure. But it was outlawed by whites and it took a war by whites against whites to do it. And that was 157 years ago. All the slaves are long dead as are their former owners.

What we have today is a group of people who have concluded white guilt is a bottomless jackpot and they are playing it for all it is worth. We have people complaining about grievances that their ancient ancestors had toward ancient ancestor slave owners. They are all dead. Current American were neither enslaved nor slave owners. Statute of limitations ran out. 

We also have people complaining about more recent, but also long ago events like a race riot in some American town early in the 20th century and mistreatment of syphilis patients in Tuskeegee in the mid 20th century. These post-slavery mistreatments are more the sort of problems other American ethnic groups have suffered. Lobotomies, Forced sterilizations. Exclusions from schools and colleges and many jobs.

My Cherokee ancestors were quite civilized owning farms and businesses, then President Jackson ordered all their property stolen from them and forced them to walk and U.S. Army bayonet point from the Southeast to Oklahoma—“The Trail of Tears.” They did not go on the warpath. They sued and won in the US Supreme Court. President Jackson said screw the Court and carried out the forced march.

But I am not complaining about that. Long time ago. It’s time to live in the now and the future.

There are also many African-Americans today get out “microscopes” to see microaggressions to bitch about and special “sound equipment” to detect “dog whistles” and cryptographers to break code words that constitute—they say—hate speech. If you are outraged about invisible, inaudible, impenetrable slights, it’s time to get on with your real life and stop looking for possibly imaginary grievances.

We are now in Woman’s History Month. I just saw a commercial for it that alleged that women get paid 18% less than men. Uh, that is a long discredited statistic that ignores age, education, years spent our of the work force raising children. More recent studies that take into account all relevant variables, not just gender, actually revealed that women now make more than men on average.
I hope in March I can watch normal documentaries rather than Democrat party target voter group grievance rants.


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