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Big tank battle coming up. Russia is not the favorite

Posted by John Reed on

The biggest tank battle in history was the Battle of Kursk in 1943. Kursk is about 250 miles east north east from Kyiv.
Much talk about a repeat about to happen.
1. They did not have Javelins and NLAWs in 1943.
2. Kursk is great tank country: flat farm fields, BUT NOT YEAR ROUND. That area has frozen fields in winter—fine for tanks—and maybe dry ones in summer—also good for tanks. The 1943 Battle of Kursk took place July 5th to August 23, 1943. In the SPRING, however, that area has epic mud. It is now Spring.
Neither tanks, nor wheeled vehicles, nor mules, nor infantry can function in such mud.
I do not know current surface conditions in the region where they are now attacking.
I am not rating Russia the favorites. The javelins and NLAWs alone could obliterate a Russian tank assault.

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