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Big-picture stuff on Ford all suspicious

Posted by John T. Reed on

The big picture on Ford is 99% against believing her.
• Told no one when it happened.
• Did not mention Kavanaugh when telling psychologist six years ago.
• Said there were four people other than her then changed it to two. None corroborate.
• Did some sort of “memory recovery” therapy with ultra partisan Democrat lawyers. If hypnosis, it would not be admissible in court and would make her sound more credible even if it did not happen.
• Did polygraph test with Democrat lawyers in secret and not in accordance with normal polygraph procedure. Polygraph tests are not admissible in court. German General Rommel when shown the evidence against him after the attempt to assassinate Hitler noted that the evidence relied heavily on death-bed confessions. Ford relies heavily on methods of creating evidence that are not admissible in court and on irrelevant sympathy seeking.
• Testified in Senate using a 14-year-old Valley Girl voice that she does not use normally. (My wife knows a woman who knows Ford.)
• Senate testimony relies mainly on emotional illogical pleas for sympathy like I am courageous therefore you must believe me. I am a woman therefore you must believe me. My life has been damaged in an almost comical variety of ways including fear of flying, demanding a second front door on her house, therefore you must believe me. I have received death threats therefore you must believe me. All irrelevant and more distraction than probative of whether Kavanaugh committed the alleged crime.
• Existence of Ford’s letter deliberately concealed from Republicans to maximize “October surprise” effect while minimizing opportunity to refute.
• Massive involvement at every juncture of top Democrat lawyers who defended Clinton and Franken. Ford had no need to consult anyone other than Montgomery County sheriff. This has looked like a hyperpartisan attempt to delay or derail the Kavanaugh confirmation from day one.
• Ford said she wanted to remain anonymous, yet she was almost instantly outted by Democrat politicians and/or Democrat lawyers, yet she gives zero evidence of unhappiness with her instruction not to reveal her name. Why isn’t she mad about that?

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